Important Information

FCEC Snapshot (Please refer to Parent/Student handbook for more information)

  • Residency - We need two (2) proofs of residency for each student attending the FCEC. This proof has to contain the name and address of the parent/legal guardian of the student. Items include utility bills, rent receipt, mortgage payment receipt, phone bill, etc. All FCEC students must reside in the Floyd County School district.
  • Classes at FCEC begin at 8:30 a.m. until 2:05 p.m. Students are to arrive at school no earlier than 15 minutes before class and are to report immediately to the area designated by the administrator. Students are to leave campus when class is over. Students are to be picked up within 30 minutes of dismissal. Students on campus after 30 minutes of dismissal will be transported by the Floyd County Police Department, according to the protocol established by the Floyd County Board of Education.
  • Transportation - The Floyd County School System will be providing bus transportation for students on a trial basis. This means providing transportation will be decided at the beginning of each semester. Please note that riding a bus is a privilege and FCS is not required to provide this service. Since FCTA students are not allowed on any school campus, bus pick up/drop off will be in a designated location in your school district area. Students riding the bus will not be under the regular bus contract/agreement. Failure to follow bus directives/rules may result in loss of riding privileges immediately. To find out more information, contact the transportation department at 706-236-1808.

Armuchee areapick up/drop off - Old Piggly Wiggly parking lot

Coosa area pick up/drop off - Old Coosa Middle School parking lot

Model area pick up/drop off -Shannon Scout Hut parking lot

Pepperell area pick up/drop off -Dragon Car Wash parking lot

  • Attendance - Please look over the attendance policy enclosed in the information packet given to you at the parent orientation. It is important that you know how it works. Students who are tardy to school will be penalized. If tardies become habitual (3 or more), they will be handled on a disciplinary basis. Drivers who are tardy will lose driving privileges.
 Note:Attendance at FCEC is a must! If your child is absent from school a note is REQUIRED upon returning to school. Phone calls are not sufficient. Please refer to your child’s handbook for the guidelines. Excused & unexcused absences are defined, as well as, the time limit for bringing a note. Please see a staff member if you have any questions.

  • Hot lunch is provided by Johnson Elementary School each day. Students can pay day-by-day; however, it would help if you could pay by the week or month. Checks are to be made out to Johnson Elementary School or you may pay online by going to the "LunchBox" tab on the website. Please keep your child’s account up to par. Charges are not allowed.
  • Handbook - Please take the time to go over the FCEC Handbook Addendum with your child. It is informative and contains many guidelines that were discussed at the parent orientation. It also contains information about book bags and other items prohibited at the FCEC. It is the student’s task to be familiar with the rules.
  • Lanyards (neck wallets) are the property of the FCEC. Any damage, or defacing, will be the responsibility of the student. Replacement cost is $5.00. Every student of the FCTA is required to wear their lanyard daily.
  • Any non-academic item brought to school will be disposed of in the trash. This includes, but is not limited to, make-up, toiletries, body piercing jewelry (prohibited by Floyd County policy), CD’s, head coverings, etc.
  • Fighting is not tolerated at the FCEC. It is important that you know if your child is involved with a physical altercation, charges will be filed against them. We have opportunities for students to settle differences without physical contact. Each student has to make the decision to walk away and work out differences in a respectful manner. If your child has encountered verbal conflict with another student, please encourage your child to talk with an adult. We will arrange for mediation between the two parties. If your child shares a problem with you concerning students at our school, please contact the school immediately.
  • Our phone is for emergency use only. It is not provided to arrange transportation when your child gets to school or call a friend. There are times when emergencies arise. If this occurs, please call the school and make arrangements with a school official. Students cannot concentrate on their academics if they are not in class. Thanks for helping with this matter.
  • Please help us keep our students looking great. Each student has a copy of the dress code. Remind your child to tuck in their shirt, buckle & tie their shoes, and pull their pants up. This will enable them to begin the day dressed appropriately for school. Hats are not allowed in school. Shorts are not permitted unless earned by Tier Factor level for FCTA students (Platinum or Platinum Plus). Skirts or dresses must be within 1" of the knee. Sweat suits/sweat pants are not permitted. House slippers and shoes not made for outdoor wear are prohibited.

Please Note: Students violating dress code will wear coveralls for the day if available and will affect Tier Level stamps (FCTA students). This will not disrupt their academic progress. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

  • No electronic devices are allowed in the building at the FCTA. Examples include, but not limited to, IPods, CD players, handheld games. Cell phones can only be brought to school if they are in a clear pencil pouch. The student must turn this pouch in at the beginning of the day and they will be given the pouch back at the end of the day. If a student fails to comply with this rule, the cell phone will be confiscated for 5 days and the parent/guardian contacted.  PLC students are allowed to have their cell phones and do not have to turn them in; however, if a student misuses this privilege, the phone will be confiscated for 5 days and the parent/guardian contacted.
  • In order to meet satisfactory requirements to return to the home school (FCTA),  students will be responsible for the following      
1. Attendance (90%)   
2. Improve academic performance      
3. Meet behavior expectations
4. Complete Service-Learning Project
5. Portfolio