Tier Factor

How does the Tier Factor System work?

The Tier Factor system is the behavior plan used by the FCTA:

There are six general broad-based school wide areas:

  • Use appropriate language/dress.
  • Be prepared for class (materials, assignments, etc).
  • Use good manners/social behavior
  • Be on time for school and class
  • Be present at school (legal/medical note does not disruptconsecutive days)
  • Follow directions/guidelines of FCEC.

Each teacher has established his/her own specific classroomprocedures:

The student is expected to adhere to these procedures in order to earn a stamp for the class block  If the student has successfully followed the teacher’s policies/procedures he/she will earn a stamp for that block. 

The student has the opportunity to earn one stamp for each of the four class blocks.  Failure to follow the teacher’s policies/procedures will result in students not earning a stamp for that specific block.  

At the end of 4th block, the teacher will tally up the number of stamps each child has earned for that SPECIFIC DAY.



The student WILL NOT RECEIVE a hole punch if he/she has onlythe following:

4 Blocks- 2 Stamps
4 Blocks- 1 Stamp
4 Blocks- No stamps

When a new student enrolls at FCTA, their level is "white" and they must earn their way to the next "level".  The levels are as follows:

If a student has 2 or less stamps after 3 days they will be BLUE level.  This means the student is not meeting the requirements set forth by the teachers to meet their goals.  Students on BLUE level are assigned SILENT break and SILENT lunch until they are able to obtain the next level of GOLD.

GOLD LEVEL - students have received 3 or more stamps for 3 consecutive days. After reaching GOLD level, a student must have 6 days of ALL 4 stamps to obtain PLATINUM level.

PLATINUM LEVEL - students must have 6 consecutive days of ALL 4 stamps to maintain PLATINUM LEVEL.  At this time, a student will receive the following privileges:
  • Can wear shorts to school (school appropriate)
  • Snack Privileges (5 minute early dismissal to break)
  • Lunchroom Privileges (5 minute early dismissal to lunch)
  • Break/Lunch in the Platinum lounge where they can watch TV, play WII games, etc. during their break/lunch time.
We are currently working on a reward system for students that maintain PLATINUM LEVEL for 9 consecutive days to become PLATINUM PLUS.